Photos Of The Great Depression

Many photos of the Great Depression of the 1920s and 1930s depicted:
•people lined up outside banks, trying to get their money, before the banks failed
•farmers struggling to survive the Dust Bowl
•unemployed men wearing sandwich boards
•families lining up for food at churches and soup kitchens
•people living in shanties and other types of austere housing
•graphs of the stock market crashing in October 1929
hobo signs addressing some of the issues of the Great Depression
•rooming houses
•children with gaunt faces and forlorn expressions

Photos of the Great Depression of 2008 and Great Depression of 2009, and extending into today might depict:
•people standing on street corners with signs, begging for money
•real estate signs showing “price reduced,” “short sale,” or “foreclosure”
•neighborhoods that have fallen into ruin because of the housing crisis
•American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signs near highway and road projects
•families with multiple generations living under the same roof
•young adults struggling to find jobs
•Occupation Wall Street and other splinter organizations protesting the unfair distribution of wealth
•unemployed workers at job fairs
•homeless people lying in the streets
•unrest in Europe over the financial crisis in Greece
•rising gas prices and the shift toward electric cars