Facts About The Timeline Of The Great Depression

Here are some interesting facts about the timeline of the Great Depression:

•The seeds of economic malaise were sown throughout the 1920s, though most historians use October of 1929 to signify the start of the Great Depression.

•The timeline of the Great Depression extended from 1929 to 1941, and only ended when America entered World War II.

•The worst point in the timeline of the Great Depression, from an unemployment perspective, was 1933, when unemployment reached almost 25%.

•In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt won the presidential election, and in early 1933, he initiated his “First 100 Days” of aggressive action to pull America out of the Great Depression.

•Here are some interesting swings in the timeline of the stock market during the Great Depression: the Dow Jones was at 191 points in early 1928; the Dow Jones had risen to 381 points by the fall of 1929. On October 28, 1929 (Black Tuesday) the Dow Jones fell to 230 points. By July 1932, the Dow Jones had sunk to 41 points.