Facts About Unemployment During The Great Depression

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Here are some interesting facts about unemployment during the Great Depression:

•In 1929, unemployment was at 3%

•In 1930, unemployment had jumped to 9%.

•In 1931, unemployment reached almost 16%.

•In 1932, unemployment climbed to 24%

•In 1933, unemployment reached almost 25%.

•In 1934, unemployment dipped slightly, to 22%.

•In 1935, unemployment fell to 20%.

•In 1936, unemployment dropped to 17%.

•In 1937, unemployment lowered to 14%.

•In 1938, unemployment rose again, to 19%.

•In 1933, which could be considered the worst year during the Great Depression (which lasted from 1929-1941), more than 11 million people were unemployed.

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